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I’m Jerry Harris, an entrepreneur, licensed pilot and Acquisition – Merger Consultant/ Manager at J Harris Group with an accreditation from the Memphis Investors Group. I incorporated J Harris Group in February 2019 in my quest to transform the real estate investment industry. J Harris Group is a Real Estate investors firm that sells property in several States including Kansas City, St. Louis Missouri, Tampa Florida, New York, and Tennessee. My greatest achievement is having the firm sell over 55 investment properties in barely six months with the help of a team of competent professionals in the industry.

I started my journey in the financial Industry at the age of 22 at Stevenson and Company; a Company that undertook major bank mergers including Banks Union planter to regions and National Bank of commerce ( NBC) to SunTrust Bank. Over 18 years down the line, I have immersed a lot of skills and expertise in this dynamic industry. Armed with a BA from More-house University and a Masters in Financial from University of Memphis, I have been able to offer unparalled services in real estate financial investment as well as asset investment as I make significant contributions in the sector. During my leisure time I enjoy flying planes and exploring the world around me.