About Us

A resource the board organization (AMC) is a firm that contributes pooled assets from customers, giving the capital something to do through various ventures including land, ace restricted associations, and that is just the beginning.

J Harris Group Holdings Management, LLC is perceived as a “Guaranteed Receivables Business” with broad experience obtaining bothered buyer receivables. We re-appropriate our bought records to a cross country, restrictive organization of assortment offices and law offices.

We are providing services in such as Auto loans, consumer loans.

Our company has a wide range of working across many cities.

J Harris Group Holdings has bought more than hundreds of portfolios, including portfolios started Auto Loans, Installment loan portfolios. Moreover, our organization has longer than a time of working history accessible for examination while guaranteeing likely interests in new portfolios. Our set of experiences is enhanced by thorough information and prescient examination endeavors, permitting us to precisely project the portfolio income which eventually drives the organization’s profit from speculation.

We use a forefront prescient logical model during pre-buy portfolio due steadiness. Combined with the recorded tantamount outcomes, the organization can more precisely anticipate the normal returns for different resource classes and assortment streams. We keep on refining the scientific model to incorporate new and developing factors.