Consumer Experience

We believe in helping consumers. The entire J Harris Group Holdings LLC. team is dedicated to finding ways to improve the consumer experience throughout the lifecycle of every account. Our team has compiled the information below to assist consumers with resources that can help them to improve their financial situation.

Consumer Protection

There are two primary federal regulators that provide oversight to the Accounts Receivable Management industry including the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can visit their websites to learn more about what these agencies are doing to help protect consumers in the financial marketplace.

Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen is a difficult challenge to overcome. We understand the complications that arise from identity theft and want to help consumers resolve the situation. You can learn more about identity theft by visiting and reading about credit freezes, fraud alerts and much more. Fraud alerts can be a helpful tool to assist consumers to quickly identify potential identity theft so they can take quick action to correct the issue.

Credit Reporting

We encourage consumers to regularly check their credit report to proactively identify any items that need to be corrected. Consumers are entitled to receive a free copy of their credit report annually at their request.

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